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School Desks & School Classroom Tables

Our selection of desks and tables for classroom use is adaptable to any educational environment and can accommodate students from preschool all the way through secondary school. This versatile collection comes in a wide variety of colours and styles, and it was developed to make it as simple as possible to perform maintenance and cleaning tasks.

We provide classroom tables for schools in a wide variety of styles, colours, and dimensions. Because of this, you have access to a comprehensive range of cutting-edge options that are also economical. Our product line covers the entire gamut of educational pedagogy. This begins in play school and continues throughout the years. Through kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, junior colleges, and four-year universities. The needs of developing children in terms of their health and safety are taken into consideration during the production of our extensive selection of school desks. Because of this, you can rest assured that every product we sell on our website is built to withstand the daily ware and tear that comes with a lively and active educational setting.

We have a wide variety of options that are both affordable and practical for you to select from, regardless of whether you are interested in making a bulk purchase or only need a few single secondary school desks. Our products are constructed to the highest standards, and as a result, they have shown that they can withstand the passage of time. Give our team a call at the following number: 01473 553166 if you require any assistance with your purchase or if you would like to discuss pricing options for bulk orders. One of our knowledgeable team members will be available to assist you at that time.

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Choosing the Right School Desks

When it comes to determining how much money you will spend, one of the most difficult choices you will have to make is which product to purchase. There are a number of factors that go into deciding things like the appearance of the desks in the classroom as well as how well they will function for the students who will be using them. Nevertheless, the first thing that ought to be on the to-do list is to acquire the kind of desk that is appropriate. For instance, do they have the appropriate height for the students who will be using them? Will the student be utilising the desks for their work in the science lab, mathematics, or the arts? The answers to all of these questions will determine the dimensions and style of the desk that will be required.

Our Types of Desks

We offer a wide selection of different kinds of desks. These supply the needs of all educational institutions, ranging from primary schools to colleges and universities. Choosing the appropriate model can be challenging, particularly when one is cognizant of the financial constraints imposed by the institution. We at Just for Schools are able to offer some relief from the stress that these choices can cause. We provide a free design service that takes into account everything into consideration. This will ensure that your school is able to acquire the appropriate product, at the appropriate price, for the appropriate purpose.

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Fully Welded & Crush Bent

These models can be found in the majority of the nation's educational institutions, including schools and other buildings. The majority of the time, they are in the shape of a rectangle, but you can also get them in a square or other shapes. In most cases, they are manufactured with a frame that is fully welded or that has been crushed-bent. The crushed and bent frames of the tables make it possible to stack one table atop another. This makes it convenient to store things and provides additional room. The robustness and dependability of our fully welded school classroom desks and crushed bent classroom desks are ensured by their availability in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours. These desks provide a solution for classroom furniture. These models are both risk-free and easy to maintain thanks to the use of MDF MBS or PU edging. Stackable options are becoming increasingly popular and can help save space. This allows for greater adaptability in the classroom to meet the requirements of individual teachers. Our tables provide educators with high-quality platforms for success and can be arranged in a variety of ways to foster the most conducive learning atmosphere possible.


Exams, events, open days, and school fairs are excellent times to make use of stackable tables because they are among the most convenient types of desks to have on hand. They can be stacked and stashed away somewhere for secure keeping when they are not being used, and then brought back out when they are required. They can also be utilised in educational settings such as classrooms, where students are required to perform both theoretical and practical tasks on occasion. One excellent illustration of this is drama. It doesn't matter if the tables are being used as props or as study desks; in either case, they can be stacked to one side and pulled out as required.

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classroom desks

Height Adjustable

The number of students in each class is increasing as school enrollment rates continue to rise. There is a requirement for flexible desking arrangements. Adjustable school desks are one solution to the problem. They accommodate a large variety of age groups, which is the solution to the problem. Ideal for use as tables in elementary and secondary schools, where the heights and ages of the students vary greatly. They contribute to the creation of a multifunctional environment that facilitates learning and sharing among individuals.

We have both single and double varieties available, and their heights differ. These are ideal for studying in complete silence or taking examinations. In addition to this, we also provide options in a larger trapezoid and semi-circular shape. Because they are so simple to manoeuvre, the spaces they create are highly effective. They come in a number of different colours to choose from. This contributes to the creation of a joyful and relaxing atmosphere in the classroom. We offer optional under desk storage and cantilever legs. The adjustable tables sold by Just For Schools are an excellent piece of furniture to consider. A solution that improves the overall health and productivity of the student body.

Exam Desks

We stock a wide variety of exam tables for your convenience. This includes examination tables that fold up. Commonly known as school desks with lids because of their design. These can be found in the majority of secondary schools across the United States. A product package that includes both desks and trolleys is available from our company. This makes it easier to transport them from the storage area to the examination rooms. Why don't you give one of our Exam Study Booths a shot? During the test, the students' work will remain secure in these. It prevents other students from looking over at their efforts while they are being done.

Nursery Tables & Primary School Tables

Your selection of classroom furniture should reflect the energy that already exists in the room. Choose from a variety of brightly coloured and interestingly shaped tables that we have available for the younger students. Excellent for students in elementary schools as well as kindergarten and preschool classes. Encourage creative expression while simultaneously furnishing a stable foundation for educational pursuits. Our high-quality tables are simple to put together and are constructed in the United Kingdom. They come with laminate tops that are simple and easy to clean. Students of all ages, from elementary school on up, can benefit from using these tables. This is due to the fact that their leg height is adjustable, allowing them to grow alongside the student. Contributing to the development of an atmosphere for children that is both secure and kind to the natural world While simultaneously laying the groundwork for learning to use one's imagination. Explore the creative primary school tables collection offered by Just For Schools in order to create the most optimal learning environment.

Secondary School Tables

When students enter secondary school, the height of their desks begins to approach a more standard level because the classrooms are shared by students of all ages. The products in this range are appropriate for use with students in year groups 7–13 and provide a selection of sizes and heights to accommodate the preferences of individual schools. We are confident that you will be able to find the perfect school desk among our extensive selection, which includes a variety of options such as different heights, widths, colours, and more.

Study Desks

It is important to have a workspace that is clean, free of clutter, and provides enough space for you to work on whether you are studying at home or in school. Within this range, we provide a number of different models, each of which provides you with everything you require to study efficiently. You will be able to find the exact one you need because there is a variety of brands, shapes and sizes, colours, and colours, and brands.

Study Carrels

Students will inevitably run into the need for a quiet place to study at some point. Sometimes they just need some privacy, and it doesn't matter if it's before, during, or after an exam, they can find it in the library. This is where these products shine because they provide the student with total discretion over the work that they are carrying out, which is a tremendous benefit. Perfect for examinations in which your students need to have complete privacy and in which you want to ensure that no one can see the work of any other student.


These models are positioned into a variety of different configurations and are frequently used with children of younger ages. [Citation needed] They are available in a variety of shapes, which enables you to create virtually any configuration for your classroom. These are great for classes at nursery schools and primary schools because they are vivid, colourful, and have rounded edges for added safety.


In many areas of schools, including classrooms, dining rooms, and other rooms, square models can be found. They are perfect for either putting two children side by side or stacking several of them together to create larger work spaces for multiple children to use. They are helpful in a variety of settings within an educational institution, such as a school or a learning centre. They are a cost-effective method of furnishing your classroom and can either be used singly in classrooms or put together to form larger workspaces. This is true whether they are used individually in classrooms or put together to form larger workspaces. Additionally, they have applications in other parts of the school, such as the cafeteria, breakaway spaces, and examination rooms.


The round tables found in schools serve multiple purposes across the institution. Not only are they beneficial in the classroom because they make it possible for students to work together, but they are also useful in other settings such as break rooms, libraries, and workplaces. Circular school desks, which enable better communication between students and teachers, have become popular in many classrooms across the United States. They are especially beneficial in classes like art, science, and design, in which students are more likely to complete assignments by collaborating with one another in groups.


When combined with one or more desks to form larger shapes, trapezoidal classroom tables are an excellent choice for use as the foundation. It is possible to create seating for a significant number of students if you place one of these at each end of the room and two rectangular school desks in the middle. You could also make use of the space in a classroom devoted to the visual arts, where students frequently collaborate on expansive projects. No matter how you choose to put them to use, you can do so with the knowledge that they are risk-free, reliable, and robust, and that they all fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 1729.


We have a selection of shaped desking as well as equation tables in stock. You are able to create a variety of different shapes and class arrangements by combining them. As a standalone table, they function quite capably on their own. These models are offered in a variety of colours to choose from. They work really well for classes that require a lot of movement around the room.

Teacher Desks

Desks of varying dimensions and superior build quality are made available by Just For Schools. crafted with an emphasis on the needs of educators within a classroom setting. They will ensure that sensitive documents and devices are protected in an impenetrable manner. These desks are part-furniture and part-assistant, and they come with a guarantee that lasts for five years.

Just For Schools intends to be of as much assistance to the classroom as they can be. Our top priority is to provide educators with the tools they need to be successful in their careers. Our products are available to you in a variety of colours and surface finishes. The desks are easy to clean and made from materials that are exceptionally long-lasting.

Science Lab

Because students typically sit on stools, these work surfaces are elevated to a slightly greater degree than standard desks. This gives them the ability to move with greater freedom and flexibility than they would otherwise have. When carrying out experiments in a science class, this is an absolutely necessary step. Tables designed specifically for use in science classes are now virtually ubiquitous in the nation's educational institutions, including colleges. They make practical instruction possible in addition to facilitating work in groups, with partners, and on an individual basis. Our extensive selection of high-quality tables provide an excellent setting for hands-on instruction, making them an ideal choice for use in science classes.


In addition, we provide activity tables, which are ideal for use in classrooms, nurseries, and even at home. These tables have a thoughtful design that makes them foldable, reduces their weight, and ensures their durability. They are perfect for both recess and lunchtime activities. We provide a variety of options, both in terms of size and design. These models are fantastic options for a wide range of applications.

Arts & Crafts

Because they are constructed to a higher working level, the classroom art tables that we provide are a requirement that must be met by all art departments. This means that the student is able to work at a level that is more appropriate to the tasks they are performing. For their project, for instance, art students will require a significant amount of space. This includes any and all supplies that they may require in order to finish the project. On many of our art project tables, there is a substantial amount of unused space that can accommodate additional components.


The fact that folding school desks can be quickly folded up and stashed away is the primary advantage of having them. There are many situations in which you might suddenly require additional seating without any prior warning. It is a relief to realise that additional seating can be brought out whenever the need arises thanks to the availability of this option. In particular, if there are more people present than anticipated. The fact that they can be stashed away in large cupboards or rooms designated for storage and brought back out only when they are required is one of the many reasons why they are so useful.

Educational Furniture

We carry a diverse inventory of school furniture, including that which is used in classrooms. From chairs for classrooms to storage for classroom supplies in a limited area. Even the furniture for your school's office is kept in stock by us. Please get in touch with us so that we can have a conversation about the requirements you have. Simply give us a call at 01480 220316 and a member of our staff will be more than happy to assist you with this process.

Why use us?

Because the education industry is so highly specialised, we wanted to develop a product that was constructed specifically for the purpose of catering to the needs of the education industry. Our goods and services are tailored to meet the requirements of an educational institution, whether it be a kindergarten, college, nursery, or university. We are always conducting research on new products, whether it be for younger students or older students, to ensure that you have the best selection possible to ensure that your students have a comfortable and productive learning environment. This applies to both younger and older students. We conduct quality inspections on every item that we purchase to make certain that the established criteria are met. You'll find that every one of our products comes with a warranty of at least one year, and many of them have warranties that are significantly longer than that. You can reach a member of our team at 01473 553166 if you have any questions regarding our school desks or school tables or would like to inquire about the quantity of stock we have available. We will do our best to assist you with your inquiry.

Delivery Times

Our warehouse in Ipswich is where we keep the majority of our products in stock at any given time. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with a rapid delivery service. During the checkout process, each product category and item will include an estimate of how long it will take to deliver them. Please give us a call at the following number: 01473 553166 if you would like to further discuss the specifics of our delivery.