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Offering a wide variety of colours and finishes, our range of foldable tables are both practical and versatile. With a lightweight frame, these tables are easy to fold and suitable for temporary occassions and rooms with limited storage space.

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We have a wide range of foldable school tables for you to choose from. This includes many different shaped folding school tables such as rectangular, square, trapezoidal and semi circles. With more than twenty-five folding classroom desks in 20+ colours, you’re sure to find the table you need for your school or school event. Folding classroom tables can be used all year round for several scenarios. This includes open evenings, fetes and fairs, exams, and temporary classroom tables. They are easily stored and can be rolled out extremely quickly when you have unexpected visitors so it can be useful to always have a few stored away just in case. When they need to be cleaned, it’s easy, simply wipe them down with a cloth and whatever your preferred cleaning agent is.

The main benefit of folding classroom desks is that they are easily folded and stored away. There are plenty of examples where you may need extra seating at a moment’s notice. Knowing that you have the option to bring out extra seating as and when you need is a relief. Especially if more turn up than expected. The thing that makes them so useful, is that they can be stored away in large cupboards or storage rooms and only bring them out when they are needed.

Our Range

With our large range of foldable classroom table, we have tried to make it easier for you to narrow down your search by using the filters on the left-hand side. No matter the type of foldable desks you are looking for, whether it be small folding desk or a large fold away desk, we have a variety of colours and styles for you to choose from. We do have a large amount or models and all of them are of high quality and have warranties ranging from 2 years to 5 years. To give you a helping hand, we have listed some of our favourite models below.

Best by Price/ Value for Money

Included within our range is a selection of budget models for those who are on a budget, i.e. most schools. Our favourite model in this range is the Gopak Contour 25. It has a lightweight frame, snap in legs and is a sturdy, durable table. There are a huge variety of colours to choose from. This includes traditional wood finishes such as Beech, Maple & Oak. You also have your non-traditional colours such as Acid Green, Pastel Blue and Pea Green

Best by Functionality

To be fair, there isn’t much functionality to a trestle table other than a worktop and legs that snap in, however there is a table or two that does offer an extra function or two. Therefore, this one goes to the Gopak Universal. Whist it is still able to fold, it offers the sturdiness of a fixed leg table due to their design innovation. Available in over 15 different colours, what’s not to be liked about it?

Best by Style

Just like the functionality category, there isn’t much to distinguish style from one another. Although there is one model that has stood out from the others. That is the Gopak Tub Table. Available in four colours these contour folding tub tables are supplied with three holes cut out in the table top in which to place the supplied plastic tubs with lids. They are ideal for use in Nursery and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) classes as small play items such as Lego, crayons plasticine, model cars, Knex etc. can be placed in these tubs for play and then removed and stored neatly away.

Best Overall

There were a few that we had to choose from for this winner. Looking at the best overall for price, style and functionality, the clear winner is the Gopak Vantage Table. With the same extra functionality of the Gopak Universal, it also offers the colours, the finishes and the price whilst at the same time giving you, the consumer, a five-year guarantee. You simply can’t go wrong with this model.

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