Classroom Seating & School Chairs

Children within full time education will be seated for up to eight hours throughout the school day. School seating needs to be comfortable and durable, able to cope with the bustle of the busy classroom. Seats are often the last purchase when furnishing a classroom. Just For Schools’ collection can be customised in size and colour, matching the vibrancy of any age group.

More and more work places are having to address and improve their seating solutions, with schools following suit. Poor posture can severely affect the wellbeing and growth of children. The correct posture benefits active learning and a child’s attitude toward education. Many chairs are contoured to promote the correct posture. A shape which is sustained over years of use because of their material strength.

Just For Schools supplies a wide range of chair types. Choosing the right chair can be difficult, especially when keeping an eye on the school budget. At Just For Schools we offer a free design service. We will consider all factors and ensure your school gets the right product, for the right purpose, at the right price.

Our range caters to all education centres; from nursery to college, primary to university. Our chair undergo comprehensive FIRA safety and quality checks.

One piece classroom chairs

With different colours and sizes available, these one piece chairs are suitable for all age groups. The reinforced plastic body is virtually indestructible and is suitable for years of use. The shape is child friendly and also promote a positive seating position.

Some models have anti-bacterial properties which kill fungal and viral growth. The chairs are easy to clean and maintain and will not deteriorate in storage. Well-priced and great for school budgets, one piece chairs are the complete solution.

4 leg classroom chairs

The 4 leg chair collection is varied, featuring a range of designs to suit any modern classroom. The options include upholstered with armrests or stackable wooden models.

Lead times for the chairs can vary depending on the unit. All ranges can be delivered to UK locations and are UK manufactured. With up to 10 years of warranty and a robust design, the chairs will be able to cope with educational environments.

Skid base chairs

Skid bases offer safety, comfort and stability. They feature a range of colours and shapes, often with a hand hole for manoeuvrability. The legs are suitable for all floor types.

Providing a modern aesthetic, the chairs are safe to store and easy to clean. Very durable and long lasting, skid base chairs will be appreciated by students, teachers and visitors.

Swivel chairs and swivel stools

A staple piece of school furniture, the swivel chair is commonly used in IT suites. It allows children freedom of movement, able to turn to address the teacher. Our units are suitable for carpet, wood panel, vinyl and tile floors. Swivel models feature a tilt mechanism or often a lift which can be tailored to the student.

Seats offer full 360 degree rotation and are water proof and heat resistant. They are available in a range of shapes and colours, keeping the room fresh and functional.

High chairs and stools

Ideal for science and arts and crafts classes, high chairs and stools benefit practical learning. They promote a freedom of movement and allow students to be creative from a raised position. The structure can withstand spillages and falls, common in busy classrooms.

The lightweight frame is weighted at the base for stability. Foot rings benefit comfort and the aminate tops are contoured to support a positive posture. Suitable for years of use, the chairs’ longevity are guaranteed by their warranty.

Mobile chairs

Including both foldable and wheelable variants, the mobile models are a versatile seating solution. The wheels are stable and resilient, suitable for all floor types. They will not mark the floor and their colour can be customised.

Folding chairs are lightweight and simple to set-up. I deal for examinations or assemblies, the folding range can be purchased in bundles. They also feature a variety of useful accessories.


Our wide range of accessories include trolleys and leg linking clips. Trolleys allow for the quick transport and safe storage of chair types. Suitable for foldable or stackable chairs. Leg linking clips are great for creating an orderly large seating area. They are useable with one piece, 4 leg or foldable mobile chairs.

Just For School’ accessory collection also includes seat pads. The seat pads are durable and provide extra comfort. Ideal for cold rooms, the seat pad can be colour customised. The minimum order for this product is 5.

Soft chairs

Schools also need to cater for guests and visitations. Soft seating provides a comfortable solution. Keep the environment relaxed by employing soft furniture into school offices, libraries and waiting areas. Many classes also involve story-time or reading sessions. Soft seating is ideal for comfortable calm moments within the busy school day.

Available in a wide range of colours to match the school aesthetic, the seats are modern and robust. Their upholstery is durable and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Often the first piece of furnishing visitors encounter, soft seats are a great way to make a good impression. For more reception furnishings, check out our reception furniture collection.

What is the lead time for school seating?

Lead times for seating vary depending on which range you are purchasing. Each range and individual product states their estimated delivery time during checkout.

We deliver to most UK locations with free delivery as standard. To discuss delivery details or our free design service, call us on 01480 220316.