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The wobble stool has a number of useful features, including the ability to swivel through a full 360 degrees and a distinctive round base that allows the user to rock, tilt, and lean while sitting.

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The wobble stool is an entirely new category of seating that was conceived as a chair for using while standing at a desk. It is the best balance chair for using while engaging in active sitting. This category of product helps you maintain a healthier sitting environment by following you around as you go about your day. It gives you the ability to burn calories while seated by allowing you to sit still or gently rock, swivel, tilt, or lean in different directions. Utilizing this one-of-a-kind office balance stool can help you move around more and encourage more active sitting. Some models of adjustable heights which allows you to sit at a height that is nearly equivalent to that of standing, making the transition between sitting and standing speedy and uncomplicated.

Our Range

These fantastic and ergonomic stools offers a sitting experience that is both active and dynamic. Your posture and body awareness will improve, and you will develop core strength, if you are able to rock and turn in your seat while you are seated. This alternative method of seating can be utilised in the classroom (beginning in the early years and progressing through the upper grades), the office, and even the garden. You have a choice from a substantial inventory, each item in which exemplifies its own particular approach to fashion. In the following, we have highlighted some of our most notable products, along with the advantages and characteristics that, in our opinion, make them stand out from the crowd. These were selected for you based on price, quality, and overall value for money.

Best for Price

KI, which happens to be both one of our favourite and one of the most popular brands, has come out with their KI Europe Ricochet. It is a model with a fixed height that can be purchased in five different heights and five different colours, some of which include blue, green, and purple. Students who use Ricochet stools are more likely to move around, which is critical for healthy cognitive development. This model was developed to encourage movement, such as fidgeting, while also being easy to reposition in different areas of a room. Fidgeting has been shown to help keep both bodies and minds active. Because of its sturdy construction, it is both long-lasting and user-friendly for people of varying ages. In addition to everything else, it comes with a substantial warranty that is valid for fifteen years, which is a clear indication of the product's quality.

Best for Style

However, the Dynamic Sittall Bespoke is our favourite model available in this category. The range as a whole is quite fashionable, and we believe that there is an option that will appeal to everyone's preferences. It is not often that a concept that is truly original makes its way onto the market for seating. It has a one-of-a-kind look, and its applications are quite varied. Any one of three hidden buttons that are inset into the seat shell can be used to operate the tri-cornered seat that is supported by an extra-long reach gas lift. Because it has an adjustment range of 595 mm to 840 mm, the Sitall can be used in traditional seating positions as well as in more modern sit/stand configurations. The ingenious elastomer sole of the Sitall, which provides grip and a counter weighted self-stabilizing action, is the Sitall's biggest secret. This model can be upholstered in one of several different colours (or a different fabric of your choice), depending on your preference.

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