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With a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes available, our range of school lockers are designed to maintain and complement various educational environments. 

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Here at Just For Schools, we provide school lockers to schools across the country. If you need lockers for the classroom, gym, or pool we have school lockers to suit all your requirements. Our lockers are all high quality and are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours. We understand that lockers are an essential need of schools, colleges, and universities, especially as students get older and are using more sports facilities and need a place to secure personal belongings. All our lockers are durable and hard wearing which makes them suitable for busy students who are constantly in and out of their lockers.

With everyone having mobile phones these days and more and more so being able to use them as part of their lessons, why not check out our Chargebox range which charges devices whilst they are being stored away.

If you need any help or advice with our range of school lockers, please get in touch with us on 01473 553166 and one of our expert team will be on hand to assist you.

Our Range of School Lockers

Lockers are an essential item in any school, office, college, gym spa or swimming pool. They provide easy secure storage to the user, are durable and are lockable. The lockers include a wide choice of colours and designs. Lockers can include 1 large or 2, 3, 4, or 6 compartments. Steel or plastic construction, wood or aluminium laminate panels; the lockers vary depending on purpose and design. Select the most appropriate and most attractive range for an ideal storage solution.

Steel Lockers

These are stylish and secure storage solutions for every school environment. Lift the atmosphere with these bright and contemporary colours that will fit seamlessly into any decor. Our steel lockers are manufactured here in the UK to the highest standards using ACTIVECOAT, a high tech anti-bacterial coating exclusive to us. Safe, secure, and stylish, these steel lockers are a strong long-lasting solution.

Plastic Lockers

Many of our plastic lockers are suitable for use in different environments but perform especially well in wet and humid environments such as swimming pool changing rooms and gyms areas. Classified as weather resistant, the lockers come with up to 15 years protection against the elements. There is a choice of locker sizes, colours, and shapes. They fit together tightly and are rust and vandal resistant. Most models include coat hooks, concealed hinges and have a durable speckled grey finish. These lockers have been developed as an environmentally friendly option, perfect for schools, workplaces, and gyms.

TimberBox Range

Wooden school lockers are both stylish and durable, ideal for sustainable workplaces. The TimberBox range is a long-term wooden storage solution; multiple styles and size lockers are available. The natural rings and knots of the timber make for a beautifully panelled wooden locker. We offer five durable timber effect finishes plus two single colours. A standard steel body in 1,2,3 and 4 compartment lockers can be mix and matched for a complete wood storage design. All our school wood lockers include free delivery. They can be installed through our installation service to the ground floor of any property or residence throughout the UK.

ChargeBox Range

This range has been developed specifically to be heat resistant whilst designed to fit the modern office environment. Our ChargeBox lockers are ideal for discreetly charging laptops, mobiles, tablets and electrical personal devices.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the robust steel compartments offer security and practicality. Perfect for colleges, sixth forms and universities where the students are that little bit older and trusted to limit their device usage to only study purposes whilst in lessons or lectures. They allow the students to use the lockers during times that they don’t need their devices and provides them a charging station. All powered units are available with or without USB sockets.

ZenBox Aluminium Range

Our ZenBox Aluminium lockers with solid grade laminate doors are the perfect choice for demanding, wet or humid environments such as school gym areas, swimming pools, and outdoor school lockers. Perfect for a classy, sophisticated, look and feel, the ZenBox aluminum locker collection remains a popular option. The lockers fit flush together with no gaps and can be colour customised.

ShockBox Range

The ShockBox range are high quality, steel lockers with solid inset laminate doors. They are a durable, shock-proof storage solution, perfect for busy schools, colleges, and universities. With high security and 10mm solid grade doors, the ShockBox range is an ideal long-term, secure, option.

BuzzBox Range

These striking lockers add a new level of style to contemporary spaces for schools. We offer these durable high gloss finishes with 1,2,3 and 4 compartment options.

The satin finishes are bright, colourful, and attractive. A very popular choice, the BuzzBox range's high gloss style is appreciated in a variety of environments. Professional yet friendly, they can be colour customised to suit the intended interior design.

Elite Range

Elite storage is essential for stylish, professional education centres such as sixth forms, colleges, private schools and universities. The wide variety of choice in this range allows buyers to merge storage solutions with the interior design. Owners and users will benefit from one of three locks. The key lock system is secure and includes spares; the combination lock system takes away the need for keys; digital access locks use a 4 PIN system. Should you ever need extra security, we have a range of locks in our locker accessories section. The dimensions of the internal compartment are large and spacious allowing them to be used in a variety of settings. The Elite range is strong, reliable, and excellent for all professional environments

Monarch Range

Our Monarch range are the perfect lockers for primary schools as they are aimed at younger children with their large spaces and bright colours. The design of these lockers ensure that they will blend into any primary school setting and their safety features make them ideal for younger users.

School Locker Accessories

Whilst most lockers won’t need parts replacing for a long time, we do occasionally come across damaged lockers. Whether intentional damage or not, parts will still need to be replaced. Our school lockers accessories range includes replacement parts such as locks and coin returns mechanisms as well as plinths and sloping top boxes.

Sloping tops are quickly becoming a must have item in schools that has lockers in. This simple, yet effective device stops students being able to dump litter or store items on the tops of the lockers. This has made life for school cleaners a lot easier and quicker when cleaning the lockers.

All lockers include free delivery to anywhere in the UK. We also offer an optional nationwide installation service. This is a completely optional service where if you choose to make use of it, our fully trained installers will install the furniture in the locations that you choose as well as disposing of any packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our lockers come in all shapes and sizes. We have models that are smaller and therefore more suitable in areas that have height and width restrictions such as windows or for younger students who maybe can’t quite reach high enough for full size school lockers. Our full height models are therefore more suitable for older students such as those in secondary school and onwards, who have no issues in reaching lockers that are short or tall. No matter the age of the student, our extensive range of school lockers are suitable for all schools, colleges, sixth dorms, private schools, universities, and adult learning centres.

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