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The ideal outdoor environment for children to play make-believe and prepare and cook their favourite foods using a mixture of sand, water, and mud. At Just for Schools, we have a wonderful selection of mud kitchens available to choose from. Each one features a work surface, shelves or cabinet space, and either a stovetop or an oven for baking and cooking.

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Outdoor Mud Kitchen

The utilisation of real-life utensils within the context of a compact, interactive, and pleasurable outdoor kitchen environment is one way in which the sensory experiences of young children and toddlers can be enhanced and developed. This kind of space is often called a "mud kitchen." In the most recent few years, these have experienced a resurgence and have been appearing more frequently on the Christmas wish lists of both boys and girls. Children can come up with a wide variety of treats to bake and cook in their play kitchen if they engage in hours upon hours of imaginative play. We have a variety of options that are adaptable to the needs of a single child or a large group of children.

Our Range

There is a wide selection of mud kitchens available for you to choose from, beginning with indoor mud kitchens and ending with outdoor mud kitchens. The tabletop of the indoor models comes pre-cut with anywhere from two to four holes so that the plastic tubs and lids that come with the set can be stored inside. The indoor models are offered in a colour selection of up to four options. Not only are they used as pretend kitchens, but they are also ideal for use in classrooms as containers for small play items such as Lego, crayons, plasticine, model cars, and a variety of other toys and games. They can be played with in these tubs, after which they can be removed and put away in an orderly fashion.

Our outdoor mud kitchens are available in a wide variety of configurations and dimensions. They are all wooden mud kitchens that have a variety of applications and can be used for a variety of purposes. We carry mud kitchens that are compact enough to fit in corners, large enough to accommodate seven or more children at once, and everything in between. Consider, for instance, the Millhouse Large Mud Kitchen. This is a large freestanding mud kitchen that comes equipped with two detachable bowls for mixing and exploring, as well as four hobs for children to use in their make-believe cooking. This sturdy wooden unit features a storage shelf both on the upper and lower levels. The upper shelf features convenient storage hooks that are perfect for hanging items such as pots, pans, and utensils. Some of our models can be purchased as part of a kit that contains all of the essential components for creating a fully-functional kitchen. This set comes with two play eggs, three fruit play stones, three vegetable play stones, one mud kitchen card, one mud kitchen stone, one stand-it-stone, one rustic bowl, one mud adventures outdoors, and one puddles adventures outdoors.

Why use us?

The education sector is a very specialist subject and therefore, we wanted to create something that was built solely to service the education sector. Our products and service reflects what an education centre, be it a school, college, nursery, or university, needs. Whether it is for younger students or older students, we are constantly researching new products to ensure that you have the best selection on offer to ensure your students have a comfortable and productive learning environment. All the products we source are quality checked to ensure standards are being adhered to. You’ll find that each and every one of our products offer at least a one-year warranty with many of them holding much more. If you’d like to find out more about our mud kitchens or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01473 553166 who will be on hand to help with your query.

Delivery Times

Our warehouse in Ipswich is where we keep the majority of our products in stock at any given time. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with a rapid delivery service. During the checkout process, each product category and item will include an estimate of how long it will take to deliver them. Please give us a call at the following number: 01473 553166 if you would like to further discuss the specifics of our delivery.