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Product Update: KI Postura+ Chairs and Stools

March 16, 2020 Patrick

Millions of students around the world use KI products every day. They are the most popular supplier of school furniture and school chairs; their distinctive style has become synonymous with high quality and durability. Items from their wide and varied collection are constantly being improved and revised in their attempt to achieve the best possible results.

KI Europe have undertaken extensive market research in educational facilities; preschools to universities, libraries and adult learning centres; attempting to gauge how their products can be improved. They recognise their products must cater to a range of diverse requirements and are utilising customer feedback to understand how best to enhance student success.

With growing class sizes and busier classrooms, durability and longevity is often the number one concern over school furniture. KI Postura+, the UK’s first choice classroom chair, has consistently excelled through use of its high quality copolymer material. Recent improvements have included the KI Postura+ range’s undercarriage with more secure fixings and enhanced strength. This has further protected the legs and base of the chairs making the frame more robust and less prone to breakages.

Perfect for primary, secondary or preschool, the KI Postura+ chairs offer a choice of standout colours. These refreshing colours are engaging and proven to increase creativity by brightening the classroom. KI have changed their paint finish on the Postura+ range to address feedback noting that school chairs are often chipped or scratched and lose their colour over time. They have attempted to tackle this challenge by coating the frame in a paint commonly used for outdoor play equipment. This means the chairs are now water and heatproof, as well as heavily scratch resistant. Titan Postura+ chairs are able to prolong the finish quality for longer as well as reduce the likelihood of damages.

KI Europe are a large, successful and experienced manufacturer. This can be seen through their comprehensive and efficient delivery system, able to process hundreds of orders a day. Their improved box system for the Postura+ products, including storage, wrapping and pallet delivery, ensures every product is shipped safely and quickly. Their method saves on waste packaging and allows them to safely distribute a higher volume of chairs at one time.

Comfort, space and affordability are all taken into account with these vibrant chairs. They have an ergonomic design, promoting good posture and providing exceptional comfort. The Postura+ chair is manufactured in the UK and fully BSEN 1729 compliant and FIRA-certified. These durable polypropylene chairs are strong, light, stain resistant, antistatic and easy to clean.

For a high quality product which guarantees a piece of mind - backed by thorough customer research – buyers cannot overlook the KI Postura+ chair collection.