I-rise Solutions

June 11, 2015 Anonymous

Using i-desk integrated technology is a way that accelerates learning, provides educators access to vital resources, and supports students with the tools they need to realise their full potential and the skills required to succeed in the digital world.

The multi-purpose i-rise - two functions for one room!

The most advanced i-desk, the i-rise uses groundbreaking patented technology to provide immediate access to a hidden computer. At the touch of a button, the teacher can transform the i-rise from a clear flat workspace into a state of the art ICT resource available in coloured or wood laminates: fully inclusive of a standard PC configuration - contact us for further details.

Key benefits of our i-rise

  • Security - there have been no thefts of i-desk... ever
  • Space-saving - seamless, clutter-free workspaces
  • Robust - Our furniture is GUARANTEED FOR 25 YEARS
  • Power efficient - operates 7 x PC's and monitors from 1 x 13amp socket
  • Multi-use space - change with the touch of a button

I-rise computer tables for schools.