For use with Just For Schools itemsCost effective
DurableTrolleys are easy to manoeuvre and suitable for storage
The products benefit set-up and comfortPractical

Each of the accessories available are designed to match products within the Just For Schools’ collection. They are school friendly, suitable for the classroom or assembly hall with no sharp edges.

The trolleys we supply are able to hold a large amount of chairs, providing excellent storage and transportation. They feature impact resistant wheels which are suitable for indoor floors and possible outdoor use.

The linking clips keep the chairs orderly. They will ideal ensure a smart seating solution in halls and outdoors. The links are applicable for groups of 4 leg, skid, or one piece chairs.

The seat pads are used to improve comfort but can also benefit the overall look of a chair. It adds a separate colour which can be selected to match the classroom’s intended aesthetic. Stylish and affordable, Just For Schools offers practical and reliable solutions to every day school issues.

Speed up the set-up and collection of seating solutions with the use of a school trolley. The ability to change around the classroom furniture is essential for advanced teaching strategies. Trolleys improve the process by reducing the time and effort needed. They also provide a suitable storage solution without fear of deterioration or falling.

The seat pads can be fitted to all Titan chairs. They are available as standard in any colour, helping to create a calm and enjoyable setting. Because school seats are regularly used by multiple students throughout the day, they need to be resilient. The seat pad helps to improve the overall comfort of the chair for every day use.

Both the seat pad’s fabric upholstery and foam innards are fire retardant. They are durable, suitable for busy educational environments. We offer bundle deals on upholstered seat pads; we ensure a high quality product will be yours for an affordable price.

The leg linking cable is a small and unnoticeable. It has a high tensile strength and is durable, cable of resisting shock. The links are safe without risk of hurting children’s hands and cannot be released easily. They are ideal for organising chairs during concerts or assemblies.

The trolleys are suitable for transporting stackable and foldable mobile chairs. The trolley wheels will not mark school hall floors. The metal backplate is capable of handling heavy loads, however there is a set limit of chairs the trolley can safely transport.

What is the lead time for accessories?

Lead times for accessories vary depending on which range you are purchasing. Each range and individual product states their estimated delivery time during checkout.

What colours are available for seat pads?

Colour seat pads available include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • The Camira Phoenix palette
  • The Camira Xtreme palette