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A classroom essential, the white board has also become a permanent fixture in many offices, meeting rooms, cafeterias, staff rooms and plenty of other work environments. Often used to facilitate learning, the versatile assistant can be magnetic, non-magnetic, pin-up, wallmounted or made tamperproof.

Just For Schools supplies the highest quality white boards in a variety of styles. Browse our collection to find the perfect teaching companion and provide a successful learning platform or call us on 01480 220316 to discuss your requirements.

Key Features of Wall Mounted White Boards

  • Up to a 25 year guarantee on all our products
  • Suitable for most whiteboard markers
  • Easily cleanable
  • Constructed with high quality materials
  • Variety of colours available
  • Premium option available for expert classrooms
  • Great for offices, schools and homes
  • Plain white colour suitable for projector use
  • Pen tray and concealed wall fixings (Product dependant)

In selecting a white board, size needs to be considered but also the offered features, designed to improve versatility and ease of use. Our whiteboards are

Magnetic Whiteboards

Manufactured with magnetic elements, they offer a range of functions additional to writing with markers. These include displaying graphs, charts and documents, as well as metal symbols such as alphabet letters arrows and dots. Also, smiley faces or stars for keeping a visible record of achievements and behaviour can incorporated. Scratch resistant and easy to wipe clean, our magnetic boards come with a 5-year surface guarantee, ensuring they will become an important permanent feature of the classroom.

Non-magnetic Whiteboards

The more commonly seen alternative, non-magnetic variants are ideal for marker writing as well as a surface for projection. These models are often double-sided, offering an extra space to write content and additionally save past work such as formulas or points of interest.

Combination boards

Able to be magnetic, combi boards are part white board part corkboard. Also known as bulletin boards, these display panels are perfect for advertising in both mediums. The durable layer of cork combines with the magnetic enamel writing surface to create a stylish and ultra-practical presentation facility.

Wall mounted Rollerboard Whiteboard

The traditional design, these are ideal where wall space is limited. They offer multiple display panels which are easily cleanable and hold a full year’s guarantee.

Constructed with a light wood veneered MDF frame, the Rollerboard is made and supplied in the UK. Installation is self-assembly and designed to be wall mounted. For £25, sections can be ruled, and a grid and chalk supplied.


Combining whiteboards with a felt pinup surface, the tamperproof boards use a full-length shatter proof polycarbonate door to secure important documents. Help prevent vandalism by employing a safety screen, which is lockable and has concealed fixings.

The felt surface is fire retardant and available in multiple colours. The aluminium structure has rounded safety corners, suitable for busy environments with children or seniors. Including a 2 years guarantee, the tamperproof version is a perfectly safe display case quickly finding permanent residence.

Portable and junior versions are also available as well as the necessary accessories and optional planners.

Please explore further for more information or if you have any questions call us at 01480 220316 where a Just For Schools representative will be available to assist.