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Our selection of school trolleys can be put to a number of different uses, and thanks to the integrated wheels, these trolleys are simple to move from one location to another. There is an option available that is appropriate for the design of any given schoolroom, as there is a wide variety of both colours and sizes from which to select.

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Our school trolleys should not be confused with shopping trolleys or exam trolleys; rather, they are ideal for use in nursery and primary schools. These school storage trolleys are extremely convenient to have around because they can hold a variety of items, including lunch bags, sports equipment, and art supplies. Because they are on wheels, putting them away after use is a lot simpler; all you have to do is roll it into a storage closet until the next time you require it. This will save you time.

Our Range

Even though there isn't a huge supply of models like these on the market, the ones that have been made are some of the most sought-after items in our catalogues. You can easily see why they are so popular given that they are simple to use, easy to relocate, and effortless to put away. There is a choice of up to nine different colours for them, and some of them come with trays while others do not; this distinction is made according to the purpose of the product. There are three distinct types of trolleys, and each one serves a different function that was intended when it was designed.

Sports Trolleys

Children are frequently exposed to a wide variety of sports during their time in kindergarten and the infant division of primary school. During this time, the emphasis is placed more on having a good time than on competing seriously. Therefore, in order for schools to be able to offer all of these sports, they are required to have a wide variety of different types of equipment. This typically includes, but is not limited to, football, rounders, netball, tennis, athletics, and a variety of other sports in the United Kingdom. After each use, the equipment for each of these sports must be put away in a suitable location. The sports trolley is perfect for use in situations like these. The four wheels are of a heavy duty construction and will be able to handle the terrain of the school grounds. The sturdy frame was built so that it could be wheeled across playgrounds. Including a basket on top, six storage boxes that can slide in and out, and hooks on the side for hanging various items An excellent example that works particularly well for students of a younger age bracket.

Lunchbox Trolleys

If you bring your own lunch to nursery school or primary school rather than ordering school dinners, the first thing you are asked to do when you arrive at school in the morning is to place your lunchbox or bag on a trolley. After that, when it is time for lunch in the canteen or dining hall, this trolley is wheeled out so that students can go and get their lunch. After they have finished their lunch, students can put their belongings back on the trolley and head back to class. After that, the trolley is taken back to its designated location, and at the end of the day, the students collect their lunchboxes in preparation for repeating the process the following day. There are nine distinct colour options available for our lunch trolleys, and you can choose from a range of sizes to accommodate the specific needs of your classroom. They have a sturdy steel frame and three rows of baskets that allow bags and boxes to be stored in a manner that prevents them from moving around freely when they are being moved.

Art Trolleys

Art trolleys have emerged as something of a saviour in the face of the overwhelming number of materials that are required for art classes of any age. In addition to its primary feature of storage compartments that can hold a wide variety of items, including paints, pens, pencils, papers, and many others, this trolley also has a level surface that can serve as a tabletop when you are adding or removing items from the trolley. Each art trolley has eight deep boxes that have the capacity to hold a significant number of supplies. Additionally, each box has a lid, allowing for the items to be stored safely without the risk of them falling out while the trolley is being moved.

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The education sector is a very specialist subject and therefore, we wanted to create something that was built solely to service the education sector. Our products and service reflects what an education centre, be it a school, college, nursery, or university, needs. Whether it is for younger students or older students, we are constantly researching new products to ensure that you have the best selection on offer to ensure your students have a comfortable and productive learning environment. All the products we source are quality checked to ensure standards are being adhered to. You’ll find that each and every one of our products offer at least a one-year warranty with many of them holding much more. If you’d like to find out more about our school trolleys, or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01473 553166 who will be on hand to help with your query.

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Most of our products are kept in stock, in our warehouse in Ipswich. This means we can offer a fast delivery to our customers. Each range and individual product, state their estimated delivery time during checkout. If you would like to discuss our delivery details further, please call us on 01473 553166.