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Our media and school book storage, which comes in a variety of different designs, is an indispensable tool for fostering younger children's intellectual growth and academic progress. This range includes products that are suitable for a wide variety of classroom configurations along with providing compartments in a wide variety of sizes.

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You'll find that the majority of the products in this section are geared toward younger generations because they can be used not only for the storage of books but also of other things like arts and crafts supplies and toys. It is necessary to have a large number of books and other items on hand when working with younger children in educational settings because these things are necessary to stimulate the children's learning and growth, and all of these things need places to call home. For this reason, nurseries and primary schools require classroom book storage more than any other level of education.

Our Range

You have the choice of picking from a selection of classroom book storage products from which we provide you. Some of these have been made specifically for books, while others have been made for the storage of books along with a variety of other items. In addition to that, we provide a selection of items that have been developed for a particular function, such as an art cupboard. We are confident that we can provide you with a solution that is aesthetically pleasing and fulfils all of your practical needs regarding book storage for your classroom.

Kinderbox Book Storage

The top compartment of a Kinderbox can be used to store books or other items, and the bottom compartment features a number of trays that can be moved in and out of place to store a variety of different things. The sizes of the trays that are housed within these units are adaptable so that they can accommodate a wide variety of different items. When it comes to the number of individual trays that can be stored, a tray's depth is more important than its overall size; units can hold more shallower trays than deep ones. While the deeper boxes can store a wider variety of things, the shallower trays are best suited for holding things like artwork, work folders, books, and smaller items. The available space in the top is typically set aside for books, but you are free to put whatever you'd like there instead.

Why use us?

Because the education industry is so highly specialised, we wanted to develop a a service that was constructed specifically for the purpose of catering to the needs of the education industry. Our goods and services are tailored to meet the requirements of an educational institution, whether it be a kindergarten, college, nursery, or university. We are always conducting research on new products, whether it be for younger students or older students, to ensure that you have the best selection possible to ensure that your students have a comfortable and productive learning environment. We conduct quality inspections on every item that we purchase to make certain that the established criteria are met. You'll find that every one of our products comes with a warranty of at least one year, and many of them have warranties that are significantly longer than that. Call one of the team members on 01473 553166 if you have any questions about our book storage solutions or if you would like to inquire about the stock that we have available. We will have someone available to assist you with your question at that time.

Delivery Times

Most of our products are kept in stock, in our warehouse in Ipswich. This means we can offer a fast delivery to our customers. Each range and individual product, state their estimated delivery time during checkout. If you would like to discuss our delivery details further, please call us on 01473 553166.